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Healthy Family Feuds

It's healthy for families to argue. It's OK. Democrats shouldn't be afraid of this big public argument right now. It's very healthy. That's how we got back to a more progressive platform than we can recall in recent history. This is Democracy in action. Awakened. Something to be embraced, not feared. This is what conventions used to look and feel like before they became infomercials and media cash cows.

Let's focus on winning now so Americans can feel free and safe to love who we want to love and marry; so we protect our right to vote; so we can tackle environmental degradation; so that abortion remains safe and legal; so we can do research on gun violence and pass legislation; so we can reform the criminal justice system; so we can address systemic racism; so students can go to college for free; so workers can make a higher minimum wage; so people from other countries can come here safely; so we can worship in whatever house of religion we want to without fear. Let's win the election so Medicare and Social Security are protected and expanded; so we can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure; so we can make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes; so we can promote arts and culture...These are all part of the 2016 Democratic Platform.

Let's embrace our division. Let's argue loudly and respectfully. Let's make our views heard. That's democracy in action. And it's healthy.

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