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Cry Uncle: A quatrain of first family shame

LBelans 12-28-2020


Privilege, power, quid pro quo

that’s how his daddy trained him

Threaten punish reprimand

that’s what has been ingrained in


the cruel exhausting vicious man

who learned the lessons well

I’ll give you this IF you comply

if not, go burn in hell


They did it to his older bro

who wouldn’t play the game

He suffered long and painfully

while conman suffered fame


His party did capitulate

surrendered to his grift

got judges placed on many courts

set democracy adrift


Masked and cloaked in full plain sight

with hatred in his veins

the loser’s staging quite the coup

won’t release the reigns


But come inauguration day

the palindrome of dates

we’ll send him packing with his klan

to Satan’s fiery gates.

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