Linda Belans performing with Ferocious women and girls in the Glamour Magazine/Planned Parenthood 

National Unstoppable Campaign: My Body Is My Own.

November, 2018


Choreography Doug Varone (2016/17)

Images by Leah Sobsey 

On Earth Together (excerpt)

Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE.  Scripps  American Dance Festival performance (2018)


Us: excerpt from Landed  NYU

Created by Li Chiao Ping (2016/17)


Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.20.42 PM.png

Double Crossed: How to Sit Like a Lady

The final Prompts performance at The Carrack. (2019)

With collaborator Jim Henderson 

Poetry Reading

Cornelia Street Cafe, NY. 2018 

(Writers Hotel performance)