Now. Here. This.

L Belans 5-16-18 & 9-25-18 & 11-1-19

Now is the time of waking up. Walking out. Unwilling to cower.  

Now is the time for fighting back. Rising up. Truth to power.


Burning lands

Brutal words

Belittled lives

Bloodied Kurds

                                                            Time’s Up


Here is the time for Furies’ wrath. No BS. Words that glower.

Here is the time for moral rage. Storm the gates. Topple the tower.


Decaying laws

Dirty waters

Damaged souls

Dead sons and daughters

                                                            Hands Up


This is the day for calling the shots. Radical acts. Democracy’s flower.

Now is the day. Here is the time. This is the eleventh hour.