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Material Witness

Republicans are arguing over options for their disgusting Alabama candidate: drop out, write-in or unseat him. And people who call themselves Christians have introduced their Savior into the sordid mix. What’s next? LWJDTM (Look What Jesus Did To Mary) bracelets available for only $19.99. But wait! There’s Moore.


While self-serving politicians wrap themselves in the flag, and perp-serving Christians in Jesus’ garment, the real issue has been covered over since 45 got elected. And it was inevitable: The acceptance of abuse of women stretched to ensnare little girls. From a Hollywood Access bus to the men of Hollywood, flashing neon lights have been discharged by #MeToo. But the lights have mostly been focused on the consequences of the perps who commit these acts, and aimed right over the heads of women who suffer as a result.


We need a public court of reconciliation where men -- and the women who choose to stand beside them – are required to sit and listen to the stories of the abused women – and now girls – whose lives have been disrupted, damaged, or forever destroyed.


We need to stand up shout: It is NOT OK, under any circumstances, to abuse or sexually harass girls and women! Period. End of story! Otherwise, I’m afraid the frayed fabric of our country has been forever ripped beyond repair.

linda Belans 11-18-17

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