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Do I look fat in this?

LBelans 9.8.2021

Do I look fat

in this outrage?

Puffed up?


Do my hips look wide

when I stand astride



                                        Tell me.


Do I look hot

in this outrage,



Do my cheeks look red

when I count the dead,

the murdered?


                                         Don’t lie.


DeSantis, bloodied

in transmission;



With his flexed-up arm

he injects vast harm

in children.


Abbott,  perfumed

in perdition;



He wreaks of fear

for his flagging career

in Texas.


                                            Tell them.

Unmask their ambition

their disgusting derision.

Defrock them,

scream and shout!


No emperor’s dream

should make them so mean.


Hell, vote them out!

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