Body Language/Now


In the dark

of the wakeful night

black and thick

as the three AM sea

above the balcony window

stillness and silence crest


Waves and breath 

rise and fall

in the way

that light and dark trade time


First mine

Then his


Then his


My skin

takes notice of the silky sheets

against my calf

the sharp wrinkle they make

under my right thigh

the pillow

cushioning the left side of my neck

more than the right

the weight of the quilted cover

against my body

His hand

My thigh

His hand

My weathered creases


Caress is too insignificant a word


Bodies and eyes adjust

beneath the moon’s aureole

that illuminates his face

crevices and lines

come into soft relief

cool shafts of light

cast shadows over his mocha skin

that seems lit from within


His fingers

My areola

His skin

My hand

His inner thigh


The familiar becomes new again