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Anatomy Lesson

Linda Belans


She peers through eyes that have orbited well

always looking outward

unable to see her own reflection.


In a heartbeat

her seasoned gaze locks with his

causing her to momentarily forget

how many times she has circled the moon

There is no male equivalent of nubile.


Confusion locates itself in her brain

then ripples and courses through each stenotic artery

circles sinewy ligaments

dodges her shrinking uterus

bounces off her shortened Achilles heel

and settles into

the gravity in her body.

and of the moment.


Her heart chambers echo and clang.


Her sacrum remembers to ache.

with crooked fingers

she smooths her skirt over her knees

relocates herself

and readjusts her gaze.

L.Belans 9-23-17

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 12.48.16

April. 2018

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