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Astonishment Reconfigured

Linda Belans 5-2-17


Be astonished by

a returning moon

a cereus bloom

the wail of a loon


Drop your jaw wide

at a prism wave’s reach

the medicinal leech

a bulldog bat’s screech



Soften your lids

Restore your bite

Lower your brows

At the sound or the site


            Words he tweets

            Lies he tells

            Proclamations he makes


he sells


Be nonplussed

by a printer-made shoe

that spit becomes glue

feathers aren’t blue



Pull up your socks

Lengthen your spine

Oil your joints

Reconfigure the trine


To be astonished by     him

is a blow to the head

paralytic freeze

till democracy’s



            temptation to refute




Ride liberty’s back

mouth agape at the wind

broadcasting words

sucked deep from within

flung from your jaw

to the dry fissured earth

reconstitute freedom

for all that you’re worth


Be angry


Be ready to fight

From twilight’s last gleam

Through dawn’s refracted light


But do not

be astonished

by                                      him.

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