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LBelans 2017/2021

I overheard their banter

as they talked above my head

neither seemed to notice

when I said Please pass the bread.


Sandwiched in between them

I ate and drank and chewed

while they went about their business

discoursing dude to dude.


I dodged their squirty essess

that left traces with their spew

as they sprayed the space above me

with every word they knew.


I made a sucking teeth sound

with a vengeance cleared my throat

leaned back and reached behind me

to grab my crumby coat.


The chair slipped out from under

I slid onto the floor

thought they stood to help me

but instead went back for more.


I mustered up my dignity

crawled back upon my seat

while they loaded up their platters 

and returned to yack and eat.


I said Oh please excuse me

for the deviled-eggs all smushed

for bacon crushed to smithereens

for landing on my tush.


Neither dude responded

mayo curdled in my locks

plucked chunks of kosher pickles

from inside my juicy socks.


Perhaps they didn’t see me

'neath the desiccated air

that sucked up my existence

and all my silver hair.

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