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parse of speech

lbelans 2/2019 - 1/3/2020

passive voice

relinquishes the speaker

from owning its share of blame

to determine in whose name

the thing occurs


flaccid nouns

hide among the many

seeking shelter in the masses

while covering their asses

with their words

       the pronoun balks

           careens off


through         gaping             holes

in language

the buck was passed

votes were cast

politicians were bought

guns were shot

Children are slaughtered

Our sons our daughters

Drenched in grief

Recurring motif



Make language our hammer

Reframe the grammar

We won't remain silent

Pronouns defiant


republicans lie

it’s you we defy

for your cold bloodied hand

you smear on our land.

We take a stand



You vile hypocrite

You are unfit

We recommit

To your party's obit



We call bullshit

We call bullshit

We call bullshit.

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