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Linda Belans, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021


Denied promotion for poking a paradigm.

Fired for speaking truth to power.

Fired for having  "Too much power."

Threatened: “Stop shooting from the hip.”


Rebuked for asking for a raise: “Be grateful you have this journalism job.”


Rejected by a Master’s journalism program for low GRE math scores.


Shamed: "You will never qualify to own a home."

Rebuffed: “You will never afford to retire.”

Admonished at 67: "Aren't you too old to start a doctoral program?"

Questioned at 70: What do you mean you're a dancer?"  

Each warning, denial, firing, rebuke, rejection, shaming, rebuff, admonishment, questioning was wounding, sometimes paralyzing. Sometimes sent me to bed.



I was promoted, he got fired.

The hip-shooting boss ceased fire: “I'll stop when you tell men to do the same.”

Received equal pay at a newspaper of record.

Hosted an award-winning radio program.

Earned a doctorate.


I choose how much work I want to do.

Wrote these words in the sunlit home that I own.

Feel grateful to dance the work of choreographers I have long admired.

Penned a book about creating equitable, compassionate schools.



Supporting women claiming space and voice..

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