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Contrapuntal Occurrence: October

Lbelans 2018



An old man throws down on a city trashcan.

He might be playing Monk. In the rearview mirror maybe



Orange candy corn pylons line the street near Costco. On the car radio

Blanchard’s Choices; Cornell West riffs on the short time

we’re here, how we prepare for death, and



             In an autumnal week, three friends died. They were younger than I am. All of them

             Incandescent all

                       their walking days.    


Carl Sagan said We ourselves are built of star stuff.



Emerald green balloons tumble down Broad Street. They seem to be

in a hurry. In hindsight maybe



            The mother of my elementary school crush was gunned down

            at the Tree of Life synagogue whlle



A constellation glints off the window sill prism; a gift

from a quicksilver husband now

cosmic dust.



Stars scatter across the ceiling, spilling

down the wall, dissolving in a 



Gustav Mahler said - The symphony should be like the world; it must

embrace everything.

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