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LBelans 2019/2021

When he enters the lift
when alone on a street
when he pulls up beside you
and gestures
then shouts

                          breath escapes


When the path is unlit
when the stock room is empty
when alone
in garage
in the dark

                         heart rhythm shifts


When your boss gets too close
when the Uber guy flirts
when the man won’t stop staring
and smiles
                           fear rises


When you sense him
behind you
when workmen remain
when coach hugs
too often
too tight
                         sweat drips


When he touches your leg
when he calls you honey
when he compliments
not brain
                           anger rises


When he grabs your breast
insists you want it
makes himself hard
makes threats
                           feeling stops


Scan ahead
sternum straight
stride long
lengthen gait


Loudly sing
briskly walk
summon courage
dial friend and talk


Keep on moving
exhale calm
cue 911
place keys in palm


Pick up pace
say No out loud
cross the street
merge with crowd


Speed up
Throw up
Rise up
Power through


A day
in the life
for every
Me Too

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