-  lBelans 2-28-2021 - 6/20/2021

     (For MGG)


Unpack the good china,

the smudged stemware I need a step stool to reach.

Drench them in fragrant water.

Unravel threads of a story

tangled in the fringe of grandmother’s shawl

Pass it to my daughter


Press my nose

into my mother’s fading silk scarf

cover my head in its muted fragrance

Pour champagne

I've been saving for something imagined.

Pass the glass to my son.

Festoon myself

in the cocktail frock wedged in the back of the closet

Drape my shoulders in feathered wings.

Uncork my tongue.

Let no truth 

linger on its tip.


Drop love

where it lands.

Leave nothing behind I can hold.