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 -  lBelans 6/20/2021

     (For MGG)


Unwedge the stepstool lodged between the refrigerator and wall. Reach the smudged stemware;

mismatched survivors from my mother’s life.

Drench them in fragrant water.


Decant the champagne. Spill it into a memory-etched flute;

empty it under my son’s foot.

Shatter – and seal – a covenant.


Unearth bubby’s shawl buried in the cedar chest.

Unravel threads of stories tangled in the fringe.

Pass it to my daughter.


Press my nose into my mother’s

fading silk scarf. Cover my head

in its muted scent.


Burn white candles

in tallow-spotted candlesticks.

​Shroud my eyes.


Chant the blessing.

Reshape memories from wax

scraped from brass.


Uncork my tongue.

Let no truth 

linger on its tip.


Drop love

where it lands.




I can


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