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I've been thinking a lot about where we might be headed as a society, a culture, a country as the shock begins to dissipate and the current loud roar of harassment and abuse become white noise. As front page stories get bumped to 3 column inches on page 7.  And as the country falls into weariness over the repetitious tedium of lurid details.


I’ve been thinking about what it will require of us to begin to change the culture. And I think we first have to reframe and recast the language of sexual abuse and harassment. Sex may be the tool, but violence is the driver and dominance is the desired outcome. Violence doesn’t always require physical contact: emotional and soul violence can scar a person for life because shame is always part of the equation, and shame is a tenacious parasite. It digs in, hides, and causes systemic damage.


I plan to spend time thinking about this and would love to hear from men about how they can help turn this around. #owntheroar

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