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Not An Option

June 19, 2017 Durham

Linda Belans

Democracy is being hurled into a state of collapse by an administration that is dangerously inexperienced at best, and out of control at worst. This fragile form of government is hurtling toward collapse through spiteful executive orders. By cabinet heads who disdain the very departments they were hustled into. By opportunistic ignorance and business predators.

On the precipice of abyss: women's reproductive and workplace rights through state's rights, minorities through law and order mandates, LGBTQ, immigrants and religious safety through racist and hateful homophobic legislation. Voting rights through gerrymandering and strategic voter suppression. Health and aging through privatization or elimination of care. Education through the paradox of privilege and ignorance. The arts and humanities through funding elimination. First amendment rights through intimidation. Freedom of the press through threats to individual journalists, self-censorship. Freedom through intimidation tactics. The Constitution by assigning it to progressives. Truth through consistent and complicit normalizing of lies.

If we survive this rapid dismantling of a democratic society, democracy has an opportunity to be stronger than ever. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Nobody gets a pass. No one has the luxury of assumptions. No one has the luxury to turn away.

Join a local group. Start one. Run for office. Speak up and out. Listen. Make allies. Attend city council meetings. Register voters. Organize. Agitate. Resist. Our country is in a state of collapse.


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