Collectively Control and #ChangeTheNarrative in 2021*       

                                                   Linda Belans 1-2-2021 

1)  Post and amplify all things Joe Biden presidency and policies to infuse them into the zeitgeist.


2)  Resist posting anything that seditious republicans are doing/saying unless it is accompanied by productive action we can take by listing their names and contact info. Otherwise, we help amplify, promote, and build momentum for  their traitorous messages.


3) Write and/or call your Democratic senators & representatives (and the few

republicans) who publicly defend the certified electoral college votes that declared

Biden the absolute winner: He won 81,281,888 votes, the first candidate to have won

by more than 80 million votes. 


4) Bombard your republican senators and representatives with clear, declarative, brief statements that shame them for their seditious behavior.


5) Tell media know you are paying attention every time their headlines mislead like this one by NPR: "January 20 is the day that Donald Trump" is scheduled to leave office." (1: He is not "scheduled" to leave. By law, he *has* to leave. 2: The headline should read: January 20 is when Joe Biden will become 46th president of the United States.) The media has to retrain itself to focus on the Biden presidency. We have to help them.


6) Post images frequently of Biden, Harris, and their cabinet. Do not post images of the soon-to-be former president or republicans who continue to undermine the Biden administration with unfounded claims. (Their lawsuits have been dismissed 60 times. (Marc Elias, Dem. voting rights atty.)



George Lakoff: Author, Don't Think of An Elephant: Know your values and frame the debate, and Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, where he has taught since 1972. 

Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century