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Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

June 26, 2023 Linda Belans

I'm angry, too, but not surprised that corporate media gave non-stop coverage to five billionaire thrill-seekers under water, including a terrified 19-year-old son seeking his father's approval. Angry that they virtually ignored the simultaneous catastrophic drowning of hundreds of immigrants seeking to save their children's lives .

I am also sadly not surprised by the amount of (anti) social media vitriol and/or ghoulish humor aimed toward the billionaire passengers. Do I condone the untouchable class's reckless 'adventure', now possibly at taxpayers' expense? Absolutely not. Do I grieve for their families' loss, especially of the terrified 19-year-old son? Yes.

What are the implications of assigning value to lives?

Over increasingly truncated time, it indiscriminately teaches our children whose lives have value, whose don't, and who decides.


Then, there's this: The infectious viral nature of social media is teaching AI what human beings appear to value. It's one of the main reasons tech experts are ringing the alarm bell, that in an ironic twist, we are unwittingly programming AI to destroy us.

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