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Woman of a Certain Age

 I am certain that I use my time wisely and unwisely.

Certain I will experience fertile and fallow periods of creativity.

Certain that beautiful questions are more enlightening than answers.

That good sleep is essential.

Certain that Isadora Duncan understood wild ecstasy and deep sorrow.

I am certain that unconditional love is a desired state and hard in practice.


I am certain that true democracy is generous and fragile.

Certain that accommodation can be beneficent and self-destructive.

Certain that hierarchical privilege is deleterious.

That dancing is essential.

Certain that George Lakoff is right and is ignored.

Certain that seeking to be authorized by others is invalidating.


I am certain I will make unwise decisions.

That words have power.

That freedom is essential.

That the struggle will continue.

That KD Lang can bend sound as slippery as the first note of Rhapsody in Blue.

I am certain I will question my certainty.


I am a woman of a certain age. 

12-21-16  on the solstice

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