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Kim Marshall

Conversation with Distinguished Educator Kim Marshall
with Linda Belans, Ed.D

Originally aired in January 2010

Kim Marshall is well-known for his Marshall Memo that arrives like clockwork each week in many of our inboxes. It's like the UTNE reader for educators: a summary of what's hot and useful in education culled from 44 publications. Kim has a keen eye for education news and research we can use based on a lifetime in the field of urban education. He was a teacher, central office administrator, and principal in the Boston Public Schools for 32 years. It was during Boston's desegregation crisis in the mid-1970's, that he delved into new research on effective urban schools. He now advises and coaches teachers for New Leaders for New Schools and teaches courses and workshops on instructional leadership. Kim has written numerous articles and several books on teaching and school leadership including Rethinking Teacher Evaluation and Supervision. He is married and has two children, both of whom are high- school teachers. We are grateful for Kim Marshall's generosity of time with KIPP and NLU.

Here is a link to the audio.

Transcript available on request.

Thank you Dick Streedain and Dick Best for your vision for this Distinguished Educator Series; this really rare opportunity for our leaders and educators across the country.

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