States of Being: The What Why and How of Coaching Urgent School Leaders 

The Why

Intuition is where experience and the unconscious mind converge and inform each other. Intuition can inform decision-making and problem-solving.

Supporting States of Being


The How

Step 1

Step 2

  • Imagine the person at a moment when you saw her* succeeding.

  • Inhale 4 counts/exhale 8 counts: Breathe in listen/breathe out  compassion or love


Step 3

  • Read environmental and non-verbal cues to receive what’s unspoken


Step 4

  • Listen to and trust your inner voice to access what you unconsciously know

  • When you hear yourself say: “Something tells me…” this is an intuitive moment

  • Observe judgment rise and watch it float by

Close by asking: What is clearer to you now?

This works with students, too.


Potential Traps

  • Allowing reason to interfere with the unconscious mind

  • Allowing judgment to cloud intuition

  • Being controlling as it detaches you from intuition

  • Feeling stressed which blocks intuition


*In each State of Being, I will toggle among pronouns She, They, and He. 


Linda Belans, EdD